How to Walk for Weight Loss

Obviously, walking is very benificial for health in many ways, especially obesity becomes the more and more common health problem due to the sedentary lifestyle, but to get the benefits when mentioning it as a term of calories burned waking, how to walk for weight loss?

Ways of Walking

Normally any forms of walking such as stroll, walk or and brisk walk are good when comparing to non-exercise lifestyle. Similarly, low-impact exercise won’t work in loosing weight the same as power walking.

Therefore, in case you need to lose weight, the ways of walking becomes very important. To be simply understanding, both the speeds and hardness are closely linked to the effectiness of weight loss process. Actually, the faster you pace, the more calories is burned. Plus, the higher heart rate during walking also tells you that your body is burning calories.

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As these explanations are, the more exshauted your are, the more your heart rates are, meaning the more calories you burn. Due to aforementioned explainations, brisk walk would be better than normal walk because it releases more energy leading to burn more calories.

However, how many calories actually you can burn when walking? If you spend an hour to walk at a pace of around 3.5mph, the calories your body can burn is around 345 Kcals. Here the real amount you can burn depending on each type of walking.

  • Stroll – Definitely better than very slowly speed, and the amount of calories you can burn for this type is about 238 calories an hour.
  • Brisk walk – A real to-go type when needing to cut down some fat. 340 calories is the amount you can burn up for each hour of brisk walking. Gradually increase the speed to get better result in a shorter time.

Ways of Eating and Walking

Many people think that eat less can lead to more weight loss. The fact is many people are doing this. Some even stay starved for a while in hope to getting more weight loss. But this turns out a misconception because the lack of food in your body causes your slow metabolism. Furthermore, walking with your empty stomach isn’t ideal at all because it can cause you stomachache

Apparently walking can help to lose weight itself alone if you keep eating improperly. Eating and walking should be smartly combined together. This matter is included the way you eat before and after walking.

Before walking – Before having a meal contained more carbs but less fat and moderate protein is advisable. This meal ensures you have enough muscle glycogen used during your walking. Walking with your full stomach may prevent you from walking for a long distance because it causes you quickly tired. For such fact, it should take time to rest after eating, often an hour after eating is ideal to start walking.

After walking – It isn’t advisable to eat right after walking. Take time to rest and supplying water to hydrate instead. It is alright to drink coconut water instead of plain water. It helps to hydrate and also gives some nutrients and vitamins. It’s a win-win. After one – two hours, it is your time to refill your energy. A meal including meat, poultry or dairy products is ideal because those are rich in protein carbs.

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