Try These Healthy Meal Plans For Kids

mom preparing foodLet me give you a few healthy meal plans for kids to help you get started.

These plans are well-balanced and include all the types of foods they need for a day.

If your children consistently eat this way they are guaranteed to lose weight and be healthier.

These meal plans are simple enough to show you how easy it can be to feed your child good food.

I’ll include three meals and two snacks but of course your child doesn’t have to eat that often if they aren’t hungry.

Easy and Healthy Meal Plans For Kids

1-2 Eggs

Snack #1
Carrot sticks

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Use avocado as spread instead of mayonnaise. Add cheese, tomato and lettuce to sandwich.
Celery sticks with peanut butter

Snack #2
Sunflower seeds
Peach with cottage cheese

Grilled chicken breast
Green beans
Mashed red potatoes

Whole grain cereal

Snack #1
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich (all natural ingredients)
Cucumber slices

Snack #2
Organic crackers with cheese

Grilled fish
Brown rice

Gradual Move Towards These Healthy Meal Plans For Kids

Hopefully now you’re excited to start feeding your children healthy meals. As I’ve stated
before, make sure the changes in their diets are gradual.

Yes, you should start buying more healthy foods and less junk. And you shouldn’t put it off any longer. But don’t
immediately deprive your child of everything he loves.

Slowly incorporate new foods into his diet and see what he thinks of them. Tell him he must try everything you give him. He will probably be reluctant, but don’t give up. Your child’s health is very important.

Before I end this post, there are a few more things you need to learn. First, you must know about caloric intake. Exactly how many calories does a child need a day? It varies with age and sex. Here’s a chart to help you.

Ages 2-3
1,000-1,400 calories/day

Ages 4-8
1,400-1,600 calories/day

Girls 9-13
1,600-2,000 calories/day

Boys 9-13
1,800-2,000 calories/day

Girls 14+
2,000 calories/day

Boys 14+
2,200-2,400 calories/day

Counting calories every day doesn’t seem like a fun thing to do but once you get these meal plans down and work with them for a few weeks you’ll automatically know how much to give your child.

Try these healthy meal plans for a few weeks and come back here to leave any comments or questions because we can help each other.

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