No Time To Keep Kids Healthy – Don’t Worry

clockNo time to keep kids healthy can really be stressful for parents, teachers and most anyone who cares about children.  Sometimes those moments turn into months and years.

This stress can really take a toll on you and, before you know it, your health starts to decline.  I really don’t want that to happen to you and so I want to give you some peace of mind.

No Time To Keep Kids Healthy-Reasons Why

I really do take this subject seriously and my goal is to give parents as much support as they need. Everyone may have a different idea about what I’m talking about with keeping our children healthy.

I’m not talking about parents intentionally making their children sick or anything abusive. I’m referring to us parents sometimes not having enough time to get enough healthy foods and to spend time with them being active.

Here are some of the many reasons that keep us from this goal of having healthier children.

  • Both parents work all day
  • Not enough money to buy healthier foods
  • They show no interest in exercise
  • Parents feel shameful about their own health
  • No motivation for parents or children concerning health

Let’s break these down a little more. These are legitimate reasons why there seems to be no time to dedicate towards health in the household.

Both parents work all day. This one really gets to me because I know many moms want to be at home to care for the children. Unfortunately our money doesn’t stretch as much as it used to and this almost forces moms to get in the workforce.

Please don’t beat yourself up because you are doing your family a service. Basic needs have to be met and sometimes you have to work.

Not enough money to buy healthier foods. When it comes to nutrition there’s a double whammy. Not enough money to buy the healthiest foods and no time to research and spend quality time coming up with meal plans.

You don’t have to feel powerless about this one either. There are ways to make your money stretch further while still buying healthier foods. There are also ways to quickly learn about what foods you should buy and what foods you should avoid.

family fitnessKids show no interest in exercise. I know this is one subject that can really frustrate parents to no end. Don’t think you are a failure because you can’t get them to exercise.

First of all, they learn and observe from you. Don’t force them to be active. Be a good example and invite them to join you in whatever fitness activity you’re doing.

There are also a ton of fun activities for the whole family you can do to keep them active.

Parents feel shameful about their own health. It’s true. We’ve all been here whether it’s our health or something else. We feel bad about some area of our life and that forces us to sit on the sidelines and just do nothing. It’s almost paralyzing.

Let me encourage you because all it takes is that first step. Start making changes in your own health and you’ll start experiencing success. When that happens you’ll feel more comfortable teaching them.

No motivation for parents or kids concerning health. Many families don’t appear to be unhealthy on the outside. They appear thin and happy but on the inside it might be a different story.

Sometimes this appearance gives us no motivation to eat healthy or exercise at all. We sit around eating pizza all day and watch movies. Why exercise?

I believe just being aware of what could happen to your family in the long run is motivation enough. We’re here to raise them so they can one day be on their own as adults. In order to have a “long run” we really need to take care of our bodies.

You Can Keep Kids Healthy

I really want you to stay positive because you can turn this thing around, make some changes and have a healthier family.

All the things we’re talking about can be compared to a sports game. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen games turn around within 15 minutes. Baseball is a great example because you can be losing the whole game, make a few changes and before you know it you’re on top.

You can do this too! You can keep them healthy with a little motivation and extra effort.

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