Kids Exercise Games Can Be Fun

As many of you know, my family promotes family fitness and healthy nutrition so our family can be fit and strong, ready to serve and be effective wherever and whenever.  So in case you’re wondering, yes, we actually participate in fun kids exercise games with our children.

We’ve ingrained it into our daily lives as much as possible.  Sometimes we look at our ebook or other books for ideas and sometimes we come up with an idea out of thin air based on experiences or modifications of exercises from our written materials.

Our’s are getting older we realize that many of these exercise activities need to be fun or they may decide they would rather read books or play on the Elmo kitchen.  There’s nothing wrong with those activities but you must get some physical activity in each day for your children and sometimes you have to capture their attention.  One way to do that is make it fun.  Show them you are having fun.  Yes, that means you must participate!

We came up with a new game for us and I want to share it with you.  We decided to do a plain and simple relay race indoors.  You can do this outdoors as well but for this example try and visualize this as an indoor kids exercise.

We all stood at one end of a long hallway and the objective of the game was to dribble a large bouncy ball, by foot, down the hallway and back.  The person would then tag the next person in line and they would do the same.  We did this for around 10 minutes and believe me when I say our heart rates were up.

Our child had a lot of fun and frankly, we had fun too.  It’s not only exercise but it also works on gross motor skills as you have to balance and kick the ball while running.  I think for young one’s it’s just fun to kick a ball around.  Mission accomplished!

As I said earlier, you can do this activity indoors or outdoors and you can use a variety of equipment.  There are bouncy balls, soccer balls and kick balls just to name a few.  These can all be bought for cheap at your local store.  The next time you think of kids exercise games, try to keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be a dreaded activity.  Make it fun!

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  1. Nelson Morales says

    Great Idea. An alternative to this exercise is keeping a beach ball or balloon up in the air while doing the same relay. It then works on upper body skills as well.

  2. says

    Hi Nelson! Thank you for the comment. We actually have a variation of what you mentioned in our kids exercise ebook. We called it, “Balloon toss” and “Balloon Bouncing”.

  3. Art Blake says

    I live in the Los Angeles area, and I recently took my children to the local mall where this organization, Kids Walk Across America (, holds exercise and walks every Saturday around the mall. They do warm up exercises and then the kids go on a 1.5 mile walk through different learning stations set up around the mall. The stations give out facts about the US State of the Day. I thought this was a fun AND educational way to get in some exercise, and bonding time, with my kids. I think it would be great to see some of these fun exercises get incorporated into their activities at this walk.

  4. says

    Hi Art – I can see how these walking activities can be turned into something fun. I see they had a video of a kid jump roping and that’s fun, right!

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