Kids Exercise Chart For Tracking Progress

kids exercise chartA kids exercise chart is a great way for parents, educators and children to keep track of how they exercise and how often.

It’s not often I talk on this blog about any of my offerings because I’m too busy researching kids exercise and nutrition information that I believe provides value to your lives … and mine.

However, there is one item of ours that we believe will enhance your journey towards getting your children healthier and that is a kids exercise chart. Did I mention it is free?

Why Do You Need A Kids Exercise Chart?

You see, I have children of my own and I know how hectic it can be daily in the home and outside the home doing other things. There is so much to keep track of and the busyness of our lives can sidetrack many of the important things.

I’m sure you’ve heard many times before that you need to write your goals down and you should also write down your progress and accomplishments. The chances of succeeding at whatever it is you are striving for increase greatly if you write it down.

The chances of staying motivated and sticking with something also increase if you write down your progress and accomplishments. Here is where the printable exercise chart for kids comes in.

Based on those facts, plus seeing it work for us, I constructed a simple supplementary exercise chart. The chart will help you keep track of each activity your children participate in, the date of participation, an area to rate their progress and a section to write down any necessary notes.

It’s actually quite handy and you can make as many copies of it as you wish so that you have a whole year’s worth. The bottom line is that you need to track their progress to keep you accountable and also to celebrate milestones as they accomplish great things.

How To Get This Kids Exercise Chart

The printable exercise chart for kids is a free bonus item that goes along with our popular “Fun Exercises for Kids” ebook bundle.

Once you have it you can post it on a bulletin board or even tape it on the wall where you do most of your activities. Write down all the fitness activities you want to try with your children and then try one each day.

Like I said, I know we all have busy lives so do the best you can. Once you try it out you and your children will feel a lot better physically and emotionally. There’s just something great about doing fun activities each day that also keep us healthy and active.

Have you ever benefited from writing down goals or accomplishments?  How?  Go ahead and write about your experience down below in the comments box.

A kids exercise chart will really help keep you organized and sane in this busy world of ours.

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