Infection solution for a kid

It is defined that infection is the invasion of organism’s body tissues by disease-causing agents. The infectious disease which is also known as transmissible disease or communicable disease is kind of illness is caused by infection. In the time, the passage from dry weather to the rainy season, children and old people are easy to have got infection. The symptoms depend on what kind of transmissible disease we suffer. When you feel your body not good and have some signs such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, night sweats, chills, aches and pains that mean you have got the infection. To protect our body against the infection, the scientists have researched a variety of oil which is essential for infection.


The essential oils for infection are anti-infection powerhouses. There have been a thousand of studies proving their effectiveness against bacteria. Some essential oils have produced with the purpose of getting as much oil from the plant as quickly as possible. The components of essential oils deriving from nature are safe for users.

How to make an essential oil


People have made the essential oil following a strict chain. They pour chemical solvents with high temperature and pressure. There are also rapid processing techniques; however the quality of essential oil is much lower than it. The products with low quality can lack of chemical constituent which makes them undesirable to use.

How to use essential oil

It is very easy to use this product. You need to dilute oil or put them in carrier oil that has anti-yeast action. The oils have a lot of functions for example coconut oil can prevent from Candida since it consists of several fatty acids protecting our body. Besides coconut oil, honey is also a great element to treat Candida by itself. Moreover, the honey can stop yeast from growing so it is wonderful idea if you can combine honey with some powerful essential oil. I am sure that you will have an even better natural therapy to protect your health. Remember that the honey will not work if it is not diluted much

Cautions about essential oil

There is no common method for manufacturing essential oils so they can be made differently depending on who make the oil. The manufacturers sometimes add other similar essential oil or via synthetic chemicals which cause change the nature of original oil. For instance, they mix the oil with inert oil like olive oil for that reason you should check information on product carefully before buying in order to make sure concentration of the essential oil you choose is true. If you product is heavy diluted or not 100% pure, you will not get good results in the treating process. Secondly, it is easy to find the hundred essential oils in market, but it is different from the components as well as the uses. If you use the oil with large amount it can be harmful to your health so you should ask the doctor before using it to avoid regrettable cases.

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