Exercise For Children Under 5

I’m continuing to put the fun fitness activities from my ebook materials to the test during my child’s homeschool P.E. class that I teach during the week.

Something that has surprised me is that the exercises below and above my child’s age are working great. This is good news! That means I basically have a whole curriculum for P.E.!

What you see pictured is an exercise for children under 5 years old. I say that “officially” but I don’t think age matters. My three year old tried it and I tried it. I won’t disclose my age.

 Exercise For Children Under 5

This activity is called “Sweep Ball” and it’s sorta like the game of hockey with several exceptions.

This activity improves: gross motor coordination as well as focus and concentration

For this exercise, you will need a small box, a ball or two and an old broom. We used two brooms, a cardboard box and a tennis ball.

Lay the box on its side so the opening is next to the floor. We actually took this game outside and played on the street.

Give the child a broom and have them stand several feet away from the box. Explain that they are to push the ball with the broom into the box just like scoring a goal in hockey.

Encourage them to take their time, otherwise the ball may roll too fast. Do the exercise several times until they get used to it and are easily able to push the ball into the box.

After a few successful tries, they should be able to pick up speed and push the ball in the box quicker.

This exercise is also good with several children, such as if your child is having a party. It’s a fun game and kids will enjoy competing against each other.

How My Child Liked It

My child really liked this game. I found that the key was for me to participate and help at the same time. I also set a goal. After I showed how to play the game and let her try it herself, I said we needed to score 10 times before we quit.

This really helped and by the time we were at around five goals she was getting really good at the game.

We sweat and got our heart rates up and it took about 15 minutes. Not bad for a fun activity, right?

Is this a game you can try with your child? Sounds fun, right?

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