Most effective methods of Water Purification For Your Home

Dirty water at home is one of the main causes of ill health, damage to facilities, and elevated cost of cleaning. You must get a perfect way of purifying the water for drinking, washing, and other uses. While there are many ways of purifying water, it is very important to select the ideal one for better results.

First, understand the nature of contamination or impurities in your water supply. Your water might be contaminated with pathogens that can cause diseases, dissolved solids, or hardness that makes it very difficult to use in different activities. The following are the top water purification methods to consider for your home.

  • Water distillation

Distillation is a physical water purification method that uses differences in condensation and evaporation rates of water and impurities. By heating water to its boiling point and vaporizing it, the impurities are left behind and pure water condensed back into liquid. Here, more purification is achieved by extending the boiling process so that all pathogens are killed and kept off the final product.

While the old argument that distillation is the most effective method of purification is still held by many, the truth is that some impurities can still find their ways into the final product. If the impurities boil at the same temperatures or at close ranges, they can vaporize and get to the condensation chamber during the extended boiling process.

The process is advantageous because there are no chemicals added into the water. Besides, there are small home units that can be connected to the main water supply for supply of clean drinking water. Make sure to understand your home water demand when selecting a distillation system.

  • Purifying water using chemicals

Using chemicals to treat water is on of the best methods of getting rid off all impurities. Unlike other methods, chemical purification is fast and highly convenient. However, successful treatment can only be possible by strictly following the instructions. Only the right amount of chemicals should be added to kill pathogens, clear impurities, and avoid health risks.

Among the main purification methods that people can use at home include use of chlorine oxide or sodium hypochlorite. To 1 gallon of water, you add 16 drops of sodium hypochlorite to kill pathogens and make water safe for drinking. Allow the water about 3o minutes before use for the chemical to take effect. A more modern method is use of tablets to clear all impurities. Tablets of chlorine oxide are added into the water to clear water of impurities without giving it a sour taste.

  • Water filtration

Filtering water has been in application for many years since ancient civilizations. The process entails using a medium to filter off impurities while allowing water to pass though. Carbon filters or its combination with other materials are the commonest medium for filtration.

Though a physical process, modern filtration systems are highly effective. They use latest technologies that combine filtration with adsorption to separate impurities. Manufacturers have even designed equipment with capabilities of combining filtration with other processes for clearing hardness. No matter what your water supply demands are, review the filtration systems in the market and settle for the ideal one.

  • Reverse osmosis water purification method

This method operates in many respects as filtration. The filtration films in this case are very thin so that impurities as small as 0.001 microns can be removed. The process is driven by osmotic potential where pressurized is passed though an osmotic chamber to clear every impurity. Water particles (under pressure) pass through the membrane from the pint with higher hydrogen concentration to the other side of lower concentration. This makes it easy to clear pathogens such as bacteria, salts and pyrogens are blocked by the membrane. Because no chemicals are added using reverse osmosis, the taste of the water is enhanced and no negative implications occur in the environment.


When shopping for a purification system, you need to factor the home water demands, rate of purification, and required amount of energy. Besides, every method of purification has a number of systems that one can settle for. Remember to also check the nature of impurities and read through reviews to understand the ideal brands. Selecting the best method is the surest way to protect a family and make life at home enthralling.

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