Can Too Much Kids Exercise Be Harmful?

tired kid soccerCan too much kids exercise be harmful? This is a legitimate question I’m sure parents want to know. We are very protective of our children.

We don’t want them to have too little of something and we don’t want them to have too much of something. Moderation right? We can let them have birthday cake for Grandma’s birthday but we shouldn’t let them eat it every week.

Is there really a line drawn in the sand though when it comes to kids exercise?

Too Much Kids Exercise Can Be a Turn Off

I really do think there is a point where children will exercise so much it becomes boring and it totally turns them off. Could be for weeks, months or even years.

It’s especially a turn off if they are pushed to exercise too much or made to do exercises that they find boring.

Now, too much strength training for children can possibly cause injury.

It’s not that exercise is bad just like money isn’t bad. However, if money or exercise controls your life then it becomes a problem.

I don’t see too many kids addicted to exercise though and that’s great news.

I believe it’s totally fine for a child to exercise by having fun at recess and participating in an organized sport after school.

I think it’s fine for them to play around in the yard Saturday afternoon and play basketball for an hour or two that evening. Swimming for an hour or two is great too.

Too Much Kids Exercise or Too Little?

I would venture to say more parents struggle getting their children to exercise and don’t really have an issue with too much. Which side of the fence are you on?

Too much fitness in the way of being extreme can be a child getting injured but still trying to get their exercise in instead of properly resting and healing.

Too little fitness can cause unhealthy weight gain, lack of confidence and serious health problems.

I don’t like either extreme and that’s why moderation is your child’s best bet.

Remember, the minimum according to all the health organizations is 60 minutes per day. It doesn’t matter when they exercise it just matters that they got 60 minutes in.

This is easier said than done though for some families. Many families need a plan in place while other families have instilled a healthy lifestyle from birth and their children willingly stay active.

I want to know something from you though. What do you think is too much kids exercise? Leave a comment down below.

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