Beginner Workout Routine For Kids

playground mom and childIf you’ve read this blog long enough you know I stress that kids exercise should be fun.  I’ve given away many fitness ideas and just recently gave away a free year’s worth of activities for you and your children.  But what does a real beginner workout routine really consist of?  That’s a question I’d like to explore with you today.

First of all, when and who needs a routine between the ages of zero and 12?  Sounds like a boring adult thing, doesn’t it?  It all depends actually.  The way I like to think about a routine is very much like having a plan.  I’m all for spontaneous fun family activities every now and then but I personally prefer having a plan for many things.

This includes exercise.  If I go to the gym without a plan or road map then I typically waste a lot of time and don’t get as much accomplished.  You can apply this with anything really.  Ever try to to to the grocery store without a list?  Frustration, right?  Okay, so we have a bunch of fun fitness activities but do you have a routine in place?

For a beginner workout routine, this week here’s what you should try.  Take five kids’ exercise activities either from our free report, our ebook or maybe exercises you already have and do one of them each day.  Literally write down on paper or a dry erase board what the exercise is and cross it off when you’ve completed it.

Now, if you’ve got overweight children and the doctor agrees that weight needs to be lost then you can have a more robust routine where you take several fun fitness activities each day and apply that to your plan.  As with anybody beginning a new exercise routine, it’s important to take things slow and make sure the movements are all done properly.

This means you should learn all of the fun activities first so you can teach your children the proper way to carry out the activity.  Your children will also be more likely to participate if they know you are doing it too.

Our children should be getting around 60 minutes of exercise per day and there is no doubt now that they don’t get even close to that at school.  It’s up to you as the parent to guide your child in the areas of fitness and healthy eating.  This beginner workout routine should be simple and achievable.

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