Bat and Ball Game For Kids

I played baseball for many, many years and I really enjoyed it. My brother played and my dad played too when he was a kid.

We learned about hard work, teamwork and stayed fit doing it. There’s lots of running, strength training and mental exercise as well. Just like most sports, the game of baseball uses just about every muscle.

Introducing a child to baseball is an American tradition. What better way to help develop their sporting abilities than with a tee ball set?

 Bat and Ball Game For Kids

A set like this can be purchased at a sports store or a convenience store for very little money. You can play in your yard or at a local ball field.

Here’s What I Tried With My Kids

I took one of the fun kids exercise activities from module one of my program, “Fun Exercises For Kids” and tried it out.

It’s called, “Bat and Ball” and even though it’s in the five year old section it can be used for any age group.

This bat and ball game improves hand-eye coordination and I’ve seen it improve confidence.

Teach them the proper way to hold a bat and swing at the ball. This exercise will strengthen muscles. Set up some “bases” in the backyard so they can run to them once they hit the ball.

I’d love to have some of those lay down bases and I will some day if my kids start loving baseball more but I’ve even used small boxes as bases including one for home plate.

We’ve played for as little as 15 or 20 minutes and they get great exercise.

I pitch underhand to my small kids and they smack the ball. They then love to run the bases.

Just imagine them doing that 20 times! That’s a lot of fun and fitness!

What Did My Kids Think About This Game?

My daughter has a total blast playing this game. She loves accomplishing the goal of hitting the ball and running the bases. I believe it really does improve her confidence.

She gets better each time we hit the ball together. I’m just super excited that she loves to be active and is willing to try any of the fitness games I present to her.

In the end I think baseball is a great sport because it exercises every part of the body.

Just look at the picture! I told her to give me her serious face!

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