Balloon Bounce Game

My daughter is now homeschooled and my wife asked me if I would take on the responsibilities of recreation or P.E. Of course I said yes, but then began to contemplate what I’d actually do.

I then had a “duh” moment! Why don’t I use all the fun kids exercise games I have in my kids exercise and nutrition program!

I never thought of my program as a homeschool P.E. curriculum but I can officially say it’s what we’re using.

I pulled up module #1 which is all about indoor and outdoor activities to get kids of all ages moving. I went to the five-year-old section and landed on page 49.

I would like to share with you this particular balloon bounce game.

Balloon Bounce Game

Balloon Bouncing

This activity improves: Gross motor coordination, hand-eye coordination, focus and awareness

This exercise requires one or two blown up balloons, and that’s it.

Tell the child that the object of the game is to keep the balloon from touching the floor. In this case the weather was warm so we went outside.

The child is to throw the balloon above their head and hit it into the air each time it comes down. With him, count how many times he hits it before it touches the floor.

Make it challenging by telling him not to use his hands to keep the balloon afloat. Instead, they must use other body parts, such as elbows, knees, head or feet. Congratulate their efforts.

An even more challenging step would be to use two balloons together to do the mentioned activities. Or have them lie on the floor and try to keep the balloons afloat with their feet. Get creative in suggesting how they can keep the balloon in the air.

How Did We Do?

I think it went incredibly well for the first time using it as a homschool P.E. curriculum. It kept my daughter’s interest and she had an absolute blast playing.

I was there with her the whole time and I think she enjoyed that immensely.

First, we tried to hit the balloon in the air 20 times without it touching the ground. It took us a few tries but we did it.

Next, we tried to not use our hands and keep it in the air 10 times. It was a challenge! The wind outside was blowing too so it made it that more challenging.

We also tried keeping two balloons in the air for five times.

I was shocked how winded I was playing this game. My daughter was out of breath too. We played this for maybe 15 minutes.

This game was a total success.

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