Homemade Ring Toss Game

Homemade Ring Toss Game

Image courtesy of MyFamilyExercise.com

This homemade ring toss game is from the five year old section of the Fun Exercises For Kids module. We have tried it with our five year old and she really had fun with it.

Our three year old also tried the game and had fun with it. A few days after we tried it at home we went to a carnival of sorts and they had a similar ring toss game for prizes.

They both did a really great job! They actually had confidence going in and that makes me feel really good.

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Blue EZ Steppers Perfect For Balance and Coordination

blue ez steppersThere is some kids exercise equipment available that is really good. There is some that is really bad and I won’t mention the bad one’s on this blog.

There are others like these blue EZ steppers that are so good I can’t wait to get me a pair!

This concept seems to simple and you can probably imagine your grandparents rigging something like this together to have fun around the house in their day.

That’s usually the key.

When kids exercise equals fun then it’s not really exercise for a child. That’s my number one reason for recommending these.

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Bat and Ball Game For Kids

Bat and Ball GameI played baseball for many, many years and I really enjoyed it. My brother played and my dad played too when he was a kid.

We learned about hard work, teamwork and stayed fit doing it. There’s lots of running, strength training and mental exercise as well. Just like most sports, the game of baseball uses just about every muscle.

Introducing a child to baseball is an American tradition. What better way to help develop their sporting abilities than with a tee ball set?

A set like this can be purchased at a sports store or a convenience store for very little money. You can play in your yard or at a local ball field.

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Exercise For Children Under 5

Example of Sweep BallI’m continuing to put the fun fitness activities from my ebook materials to the test during my child’s homeschool P.E. class that I teach during the week.

Something that has surprised me is that the exercises below and above my child’s age are working great. This is good news! That means I basically have a whole curriculum for P.E.!

What you see pictured is an exercise for children under 5 years old. I say that “officially” but I don’t think age matters. My three year old tried it and I tried it. I won’t disclose my age.

This activity is called “Sweep Ball” and it’s sorta like the game of hockey with several exceptions.

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Balloon Bounce Game

balloon bounce gameMy daughter is now homeschooled and my wife asked me if I would take on the responsibilities of recreation or P.E. Of course I said yes, but then began to contemplate what I’d actually do.

I then had a “duh” moment! Why don’t I use all the fun kids exercise games I have in my kids exercise and nutrition program!

I never thought of my program as a homeschool P.E. curriculum but I can officially say it’s what we’re using.

I pulled up module #1 which is all about indoor and outdoor activities to get kids of all ages moving. I went to the five-year-old section and landed on page 49.

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Benefits of Almond Milk

pouring milkIn looking for alternatives to normal dairy milk produced from cows, there are a few options out there. Right now I would like to focus on the benefits of almond milk.

First, we need to take a look at why we’re even looking for alternatives. What happened between the time of my childhood and now that has many people losing confidence in the health of dairy products in general?

I picked out one Spanish-Moroccan scientist study group to sum it all up. They found that in a single glass of milk there are up to 20 pharmaceutical drugs, including pain killers, antibiotics, and growth hormones. They do say they are in such small amounts that we shouldn’t worry about it. Really?

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60 Day Juice Fast

carrot apple juiceWhy in the world would I be talking to you about a 60 day juice fast? I’ll tell you why.

First of all, I’ve been juicing as a part of my normal diet for a long time. I’ve studied health and came across juicing through watching documentaries and reading books.

We can talk about the benefits later though.

The longest I’ve personally done a juice fast is two days. I used it as a detox and reboot. It worked.

My Brothers Story

The main reason why I’m writing about this, though, is because my brother recently started a 60 day juice fast.

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